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Solid Wood

Solid Wood is made from a single piece of wood which generally ranges from 3/4" to 5/16" in thickness. It can give you years of service and pleasure, with different width sizes, boards, lengths and finishes. It can also be sanded back to restore the finish.

Solid Wood floor is generally strong and warm to walk on. It has traditionally a tongue and groove installation and it is recommend to be installed professionally. A good quality Solid Wood floor can last a lifetime if it is maintained and adds more character with wear and tear over time.

Examples of our products (Width: 3~6", Thickness: 3/4", Warranty: 30 Years):


White Oak Smooth Natural
Color: Smooth Natural

White Oak Distressed Sahara
Color: Sahara

White Oak Distressed Provincial
Color: Provincial

White Oak Distressed Chocolate
Color: Chocolate


White Oak Distressed Hazelnut
Color: Hazelnut

White Oak Distressed Golden
Color: Golden

White Oak Distressed Gunstock
Color: Gunstock

White Oak Distressed Ebony
Color: Ebony


White Oak Smoked Hard-wax Oiled Creme Brulee
Color: Creme Brulee

White Oak Smoke Hard-wax Oiled Vernal
Color: Vernal

White Oak Smoked Hard-wax Oiled Vernal Natural
Color: Vernal Natural

White Oak Distressed Smoked Hard-wax Oiled Mocha
Color: Mocha Distressed


Acacia Smooth Golden
Color: Acacia Smooth Golden

Acacia Distressed Golden
Color: Acacia Distressed Golden

Acacia Distressed Walnut
Color: Acacia Distressed Walnut

Acacia Smooth Walnut
Color: Acacia Smooth Walnut


Birch Distressed
Color: Cinnamon

Birch Distressed
Color: Mahogany

Birch Distressed
Color: Auburn

Birch Distressed
Color: Columbia


Birch Distressed
Color: Champagne

Birch Distressed
Color: Golden

Birch Distressed
Color: Burlap

Birch Smooth Natural
Color: Natural Smooth

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